Newly acquired works by Purvis Young and others

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently acquired 4 nice Purvis Young paintings for your consideration. They are the top four pieces you see when visiting As always, email if you have any questions (

There’s been a fairly amazing surge in sales and general interest in the gallery in the last couple of months; thank you! To maintain “the buzz”, I’ve been adding new works to the site as often as possible, often on a daily basis. So check back often. Also, if there are artists whose work you are interested in, send me an email and let me know, and we will notify you as soon as new items by those artists are offered. (Over the years, many of the best (IMHO) pieces I’ve had have sold before I’ve had a chance to put them on the site—) I’ll be setting up a link soon for the email list, too—fear not; this will not mean a bombardment of your in-box! Only an occasional message, likely no more than one per month. I hope to stretch out a bit here in the blog too, and write about particular artists or other subjects related to the field.