October 29, 2018: Welcome!

Though I’ve been working on this new site for months, only today have I begun to redirect visitors to the old gordongallery.net site to this one. To those of you who haven’t been here before, welcome—I think you’ll enjoy the added functionality of the gallery’s new virtual home! Of course your feedback is always welcome; you can find me here: gordongallerynashville@gmail.com

Labor Day weekend update

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend; I've been busy for the last few months with my "other life", which you can visit here: http://kg.kevingordon.net/ , releasing a new album and such. But over the last few weeks I've been off the road and have been able to add a few new pieces to the site here, including a nice painting on masonite by Mary T. Smith from 1984, a long, narrow and moody mountainscape by Joe Light, and a double-sided work by the great "Artist Chuckie" Williams, who hailed from my birthplace, Shreveport, LA. We've sold some things too; a few Mose Tolliver paintings have found new homes. Please keep checking back, as I'll be adding more works over the next week! 

New arrivals!

Greetings from east Nashville, where Spring has sprung but the rain doesn't seem to want to stop. Check the gallery on the home page for recent acquisitions; today I've added a large Sudduth architectural piece that's never been on the market. Sudduth painted it for the Bobo family in his hometown of Fayette, AL, many years ago, and it hung in the house for a very long while. Also new to the gallery is a wonderful Sybil Gibson piece of ballerinas, birds, and trees, that likely dates to the early 80s. 

Rebuild continues . . .

Hello art friends--I'm continuing to finesse the site, adding more hi-res photos as time allows. This is one of the best features of this new version of the gallery site. Just click on the item photo on the artist page, and if a hi-res photo has been added, you'll see a large version of the image pop up in a "lightbox", allowing you a much more detailed view of the piece. Please let me know if you have any questions; you can email me directly here: gordongallerynashville@gmail.com . Thanks, as ever, for your support!

Under Construction!

Greetings and belated Happy New Year greetings to you. We're putting together a new site here, which will, I believe, be a vast improvement. Stay tuned, and stay in touch! More coming soon--

December 31, 2017

I'm continuing to bring in new acquistions; look for freshly available works by Clyde Jones, Purvis Young, Mary T. Smith, and others very soon! Happy New Year!

September 23, 2017

Just added--a powerful late work by Mary T. Smith, as well as two Lonnie Holley sandstone carvings. Sold this week: a large work on canvas by Joe Light as well as an early double-sided painting by Chuckie Williams that we didn't even have time to get listed here on the site!

September 17, 2017

Happy September Greetings to you! Just added: three works of miniature furniture by Kentucky's under-rated master Willie Massey. Recently sold items include pieces by Mose Tolliver, J.B. Murray, M.C. "5¢" Jones, and Rev. George Kornegay.

July 21, 2017

Such a busy time around here! New artist page for Wesley Willis went up yesterday, featuring two drawings from 1993; other recent additions include works by Sybil Gibson, George Kornegay, Anderson Johnson, and Willie White. Just click on the "artist index" link above.