Joe Light

(1934-2005) Dyersburg TN/Memphis TN

Joe Louis Light lived in Memphis most of his adult life, and after a religious awakening, followed Old Testament practices and beliefs, referring to himself as a "black man of the Jewish faith". He worked in two- and three-dimensional media, and for years maintained an outdoor environment on his property, displaying paintings, sculpture, and his hand-lettered signs expressing often controversial opinions. His work has been exhibited in many museum shows, including Passionate Visions(New Orleans Museum of Art), and Coming Home (University of Memphis). 


Skeleton Tree


13.5" x 18"

enamel on found wood




23.5" x 18"(image)

mixed media on paper





8" x 30.75"

enamel on panel



ca. 1980s

33" H x 21"W(frame)

enamel on board


"Antonio Houston..."


26" H x 48"W

enamel on plywood

two-sided work from Light's Looney St. art environment


Works by Joe Light Family Members


Untitled by rosie lee light

ca. 1990s

9" H x 14"W

enamel on board


Untitled by Mosea Light

ca. 2000

15.75"H x 26"W

enamel on plywood