Chuckie Williams

(1957-2000) Shreveport, LA

Williams painted portraits of celebrities, animals, and landscapes on anything he could find, often hanging the finished works outside his house. One or more of his self-given nicknames (Psychic Talent, Artist, et al.) often figure prominently in his images.


tiger/diana ross and daughter traciE

(two-sided work)


42.5"H x 39.5"W

enamel, ink, graphite, glitter on plywood


Elvis Presley


48"H x 32"W

enamel, glitter on plywood


Bell Biv Devoe/sally field

(two-sided work)


22"H x 36"W

mixed media on wood paneling


Winter landscape/flowers

(two-sided work)


16"H x 20"W

mixed media on canvas


WAter Birds/Zebras

(two-sided work)

25.5"H x 31.5"W

mixed media on cardboard


Rhythm Nation/Janet Jackson

ca. 1990s

16"H x 20"W(image)

mixed media on canvas