Mose Tolliver

(ca.1920-2006) Montgomery, AL

Mose Tolliver began painting after an industrial accident left him handicapped in the mid 1960s. He sold his early work for cheap, or traded it for food, until he was featured in the Black Folk Art in America show at the Corcoran in 1983. He has since become one of the most enduring and widely collected self-taught artists of his generation. He painted actively until 2002.


Freedom Bus

early-mid 1980s

23" x 33"

enamel on found panel


"Fierce" Self-Portrait


22" x 20"

enamel on wood


Jig Jag Lady

ca. 1984

23"H x 12"W

Enamel on plywood scrap


Female Erotic

ca. 1980

11.75" x 9"

enamel on plywood




9.5" x 16.5 "

enamel on paneling scrap


Mother & Child

late 1980s

33" x 16"

enamel on wood


Green Bird


5.25" x 24.5"(irregular)

enamel on found plywood


Two Birds


12" x 13"(irregular)

enamel on found plywood


Self-Portrait w/ Red Moon


18" x 14.5"

mixed media on found panel




26" x 18"

enamel on found panel